News & Media

APSA 2016 will engage both traditional and social media. 

Media enquiries, particularly for interviews with keynote speakers, can be directed to the UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences media liaison Clare Morgan: More information about the UNSW newsroom can be found here:

APSA 2016 will also feature podcasting, with at least two podcasts being recorded throughout the conference:

  1. The Election Nerds: The Election Nerds is a monthly Australian Politics, elections and social policy focused podcast. It is managed by Dr. Peter Chen from the University of Sydney. To be part of the Election Nerds contact Peter Chen directly at:

  2. Knowing Animals: Knowing Animals is a fortnightly podcast focused on the academic study of nonhuman animals. It is managed by Dr. Siobhan O’Sullivan from UNSW. To be part of Knowing Animals contact Siobhan O’Sullivan directly at:

If you have a podcast and would like to generate your own media at the conference please let us know! You can do so by contacting Siobhan O’Sullivan at: We will have a dedicated podcasting space and welcome as many podcasters as possible.

Any other media inquires can also be directed to Siobhan O’Sullivan.

Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @apsa2016. The conference will be using the hashtag #apsa2016 so don’t forget to include the hashtag when you Tweet us!