Charting Tasmania’s Forest Code Complex on Harvesting

Stream: Panel 16 - Environmental Politics: Environmental Governance and Policymaking in Australia and Beyond
Date: Monday, 26 September 2016
Time: 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm


In the past 20 years, governance by codes, guidelines, standards and certification and labelling has proliferated around the world with governments, business and civil society organisations developing various instruments to achieve diverse objectives. Today, many industrial sectors are governed by a palimpsest of such measures that are usually analysed separately rather than as a collective. In this paper, we draw on the ‘regime complex’ literature from international relations to make the case for analysing such codes as a collective, given that is how they are experienced from the perspective of users and how, ultimately, they achieve their governance objectives. Drawing on an exhaustive database of all related governance instruments, we present an overview of the Tasmanian forestry code complex with regard to forest harvesting, highlighting how public and private instruments relate to each other and intersect. Two key findings from the study are (a) the critical importance of Tasmania’s Forest Practices Code, which sits at the centre of the State’s Forest Code Complex with regard to harvesting; and (b) the role that company management plans play in mediating between Tasmanian and international codes such as the Australian Forestry Standard and the Forest Stewardship Council standards.


Fred Gale (Presenter), University of Tasmania
Fred Gale is an Associate Professor in the Politics and International Relations Program, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania.

Thomas Baker, University of Tasmania
Thomas Baker is a Senior Research Officer, ARC Centre for Forest Value, University of Tasmania.