Australia and European Union in a new security environment

Stream: Panel 69 - International Relations: Europe and World Politics 
Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Time: 9.00 am – 10.30 am


Europe's liberal democracies, like Australia and other Western countries, are facing the increasing challenge of responding to extreme forms of Islamism and Islamophobia that represent a major public and economic threat. Following the state failure in Syria, Libya and Iraq, the aggressive spread of radical Islamist ideology has been jeoardising the basis of Western democracy which is based on the notion of universal justice and human rights. That notion is now being transformed and debated, as current frameworks of political responses to the increased violent Islamist threat on European soil in particular appear to be inadequate. This paper will critically examine the notions of justice and human rights in such a transformative environment in the context of EU-Australia relations. It will turn to the European Union and Germany in particular as a case study that will investigate the dual challenge of Islamism and Islamophobia to European governments in the midst of current migration crisis in Europe, and Australian responses towards these developments. Lessons learned that could be insightful for Australia will also be discussed. The paper concludes improvements in EU-Australia knowledge-transfer over past few years has had a positive effect on their bilateral relations, as well as on innovation which these two partners are seeking to further advance.


Nina Markovic Khaze (Presenter), ANU
Dr Nina Markovic obtained a PhD in Political Science in 2015 on the topic of "Political relations between the European Union and Serbia in a broader historical perspective". She is currently Visiting Fellow at the ANU Centre for European Studies, and political analyst for SBS Radio. In 2014 she was co-editor (with Professor Samina Yasmeen) and contributor in a book entitled "Muslims in the West". She was previously working as a Senior Researcher for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Research Service, advising federal parliamentarians on wider Europe and Middle East.