Second image reversed: International sources of Taiwan’s foreign aid reform

Stream: Panel 92 - International Relations: Assessing Change in Multilateral and Bilateral Developing Financing
Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Time: 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm


Recent scholarship has examined domestic sources of Taiwan’s foreign aid-making as determining the objectives, size, composition and recipients of Taipei’s foreign aid. This paper does not deny the salience of domestic actors in shaping Taiwan’s foreign aid agenda and policy. Its objective is to expand the current debate on Taiwanese foreign aid regime and consider the extent to which transnational actors—whether directly or indirectly—participated in Taiwan’s domestic debates on foreign aid issues. In particular, this paper will examine the international sources of Taiwan’s foreign aid reform during the Ma Ying-jeou period. By adopting Gourevitch’s ‘second image reversed’ framework and employing the theoretical tools offered by the English School of IR, it will discuss the impact of the DAC member-states and the so-called ‘international aid architecture’ on Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Act.


Czeslaw Tubilewicz (Presenter), University of Adelaide
Dr Czeslaw Tubilewicz is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide