turnout and political parties

Stream: Panel 55 - Comparative Politics: Participation and Engagement 
Date: Tuesday, 27 September 2016
Time: 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm


Recent literature on turnout has included different variables such as corruption or inequality. However, we do not know which, if any, is the impact of different types of political parties on turnout. In this article I assess whether and which types of party have an effect on turnout. It is quite surprising such 'absence' in the literature given the importance of the parties' characteristics. In order to approach this work, I have gathered data from over 200 European elections in several democracies covering the 1960-2008 period. I rely on IDEA, Nohlen and associates and the political party manifesto project to create the dataset. The model is generalized least square with panel corrected standard errors further corrected for panel-specific AR1 autocorrelation and heteroskedasticity and several complementary robustness checks.


Ferran Martinez i Coma (Presenter), University of Sydney