Interactive Governance and the Social Construction of Citizens as co-creators

Stream: Panel 88 - Public Policy & Social Justice: Innovation in Policymaking 
Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Time: 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm


Western governments are retreating from the public domain and are actively seeking alternative forms of public service delivery. These forms are increasingly interactive and relying on the competences and expertise of citizens. Citizens are no longer considered as (just) end-users of public services, but are expected to be co-creators or co-producers. Hereby citizens are expected to contribute actively to public service delivery. Using the conceptual framework of Schneider & Ingram (1993), we explore what such a social construction of citizens implies for citizens who indeed can be considered as co-creators, but also for citizens who do not initially belong to the advantaged group of co-creators. We argue that approaching citizens as such creates a mainstreaming effect, which might strengthen values as responsiveness and equal consideration, but at the same time, endangers values such as equal access to public service delivery and service diversity. Keywords: interactive governance, co-creation, social construction, mainstreaming


William Voorberg (Presenter), Erasmus University
William Voorberg, Msc. Is a PhD-candidate at the department of Public Administration of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research is focused on the effects and outcome of co-creation between citizens and public organizations.