Putting Tasmania on the map: an exploration of a participant-led networked model

Stream: Panel 88 - Public Policy & Social Justice: Innovation in Policymaking 
Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Time: 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm


This paper explores the strategies, motivations, particular interests and sometimes contested agendas behind the traditional marketing and branding (image and reputation) approaches to put places on the map (PPOM) through a case study of Tasmania. Academic research claims concerning the instrumentality of the marketing and branding approaches for places, the problem of conceptualising and measuring ‘success’, and the issues of communication and collaboration among stakeholders are examined. This alternative networked approach aims at developing better governance arrangements for the complex issue of PPOM. The research reported in this paper specifically builds upon the work of Provan and Kenis on policy networks to argue that a participant-governed network, focusing on relational characteristics, tensions and trade-offs, is a potentially effective way of putting Tasmania on the map. It is further argued that, by sharing knowledge in a participant-led network setup, different interests will better engage and take collective ownership of actions and initiatives, transcending public-private divides in the process. Furthermore, full commitment of the members on information sharing will bring external and internal legitimacy, so common strategies will be better recognised by the wider community. The paper also provides an account of the issues and impediments to the development of participant-governed networks in this context and investigates a way forward.


Laura Ripoll Gonzalez (Presenter), University of Tasmania
Laura is a PhD candidate in the Politics and IR Program at the University of Tasmania. Her thesis is entitled: Public diplomacy for place branding strategies: critical appraisal and future pathways.

She holds a Bachelor in Arts with a double major in Legal and Economic/Literary Translation and Interpreting by the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and a MA in Asian Studies from the Open University of Catalonia. Laura was selected to participate in the Asia-Europe Young Urban Leaders Dialogue in 2010.

Laura's research interests include:
Place Branding
New Public Diplomacy
Network society
Transnational relations
Global Governance
Asian Studies