The Media and the Politics of Multiculturalism in South Korea

Stream: Panel 60 - Public Policy & Social Justice: Indigenous Rights in Australia 2 & Politics of Multiculturalism in Asia
Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Time: 9.00 am – 10.30 am


Multiculturalism has become an increasingly debated topic in South Korea in the past decade. Non-ethnic Koreans constitute a relatively small share of the population, but multiculturalism is changing how South Korea sees itself as a society. Public opinion about multiculturalism is divided, and immigration policy has been inconsistent. This article analyses the role of the South Korean media in debates about multiculturalism. We explore how the media interprets and shapes debates about the meaning of multiculturalism; the degree to which it obliges host societies to accommodate new citizens; its implications for national identity; and its potential to coexist with South Korea’s democratic identity.


David Hundt (Presenter), Deakin University
I am a Senior Lecturer in International Relations in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University. My research interests are international relations, politics and political economy in the Asia–Pacific region, with a particular focus on Korea. I have published on topics such as the politics of economic development in South Korea, immigration in the ROK, and the evolution of South Korea's foreign policy. I am currently finishing a book on East Asian capitalism in comparative perspective.